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“Wow!  What an incredible party!  18 boys for Lucas’ birthday, and I hardly knew it!  The  Game Coach was great, and arrived right on time!  Everybody had a great time!  Thanks so much!”
– Marta K.

“I’m so glad we heard about the mobile video game truck!  We’re always looking for exciting ideas for our day camp entertainment, and this was just the best idea ever!  It was so easy…no school buses , no ferrying dozens of kids to and from an event!  The  game coach was so professional and the video game truck was spotless and spacious!  Thank you so much!
– Mario and Susanna,  camp directors

“Our end-of-school-year middle school FUN DAY has always been a hit with the students, but having the mobile game theater here made this year’s event the best ever!  The students, teachers and parent helpers all thought it was awesome.  We’ll be in touch soon for next year!  Thanks for such an amazing day!”
– Nastassia V., Principal

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